The Cycle Of Insanity

Sometimes I think it’s all a set-up, but I still go along as if nothing is wrong. The rich get richer and the poor sing and scream the same song. I guess that’s what happens when you exist in a system. In a system where those who claim to be conscious spew ism’s hoping to stop the masses from following false religions. Unfortunately the masses usually tend to leave their so called leaders for dead, whether it may be government backed bullets to the chest or to the head. Educational institutions bring nothing but debt and destitution, despite the fact they recruit poor students offering them scholarships as some form of restitution. Due to a lack of exposure these innocent students take the deal in the hopes of moving a little closer… to the American dream. But soon they find that it is nothing more than a dream, sharing the qualities of a corrupted lie and unable to be quantified. And so we sigh, cry, beg, and borrow in hopes that the future generation will inherit a brighter and better tomorrow. We wait for Jesus, marvel at the actions of Moses, all the while forgetting the notion that we posses the same power if we are truly righteous and chosen. Mistake after mistake, but still nothing changes. Mothers lose sons while everyone else comes to funeral with tears in their eyes, but deep down they’re content with the fact that it wasn’t their lives that were taken. Every four years politicians arrive on the scene, attempting to sell us on recycled ideas that we’ve already seen. But somehow we buy in, maybe to quell the feeling that our grip on society has disappeared. Sometimes I think it’s all a set-up. Other times I think we set ourselves up to be victims of a society destined for destruction and malfunction. Maybe it’s too late to try to save the sinking ship. How can you save a sinking ship when the people on the ship don’t believe the ship is even sinking?

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