To Plug In Or To Unplug

As the world turns and you lose friends, you realize the true nature when it comes to the hearts of men. They showed you what they wanted you to see, while hiding the aspects that complete them. Fragmented people roaming the world creating a condition where dishonesty disruptes the natural balance of peace. Now a choice has to be made : conform to the pressure of society and live amongst the dead, or set yourself apart and face the unfortunate fate of loneliness instead. Conforming to society will bring instant pleasure, success, and fame. But the gratification will be short-lived and the happiness will quickly fade. The fall from success to depression will happen in a blink of an eye, and no one will be left in your corner because someone else will rise and catch their eye. Setting yourself apart will segregate you from the rules of society due to the fact that you are stepping outside of the box of normality. In the process of escaping this make-shift reality you will lose those closest to you, despite them always claiming that they would always stay true. You stand with few friends, but you are truly happy. You are perceived as an outcast, but you have never felt this comfortable and confident before. While those who have conformed to society frown and fall, conversely you smile and stand tall. By unplugging the cord of conformity and breaking the rules of the game, only then can true freedom be attained.

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