Rise Again

What do we represent? We represent everything you fear. We represent everything you hate. We embody all the horror that Judgement Day will bring. You placed us on the cross and crucified all of our features. And now you fearfully wait on us to rise again, because you abused your fore teachers. You stole our curriculum, hid our highest marks, and destroyed our brightest students. Regardless of your efforts to hinder us, we still proved to be productive and ever so dangerous. We gave birth to the greatest offspring the world has ever seen. We named them Blues, Jazz, and Rock, not to mention Doo-Wop, Disco, and Hip-Hop. We continue to produce despite you bringing constant danger and Margret Sanger’s. As much as you have planned our actions all through our parenthood, we still find a way to dodge the traps. You thought that you could get rid of us, but you were disappointed to learn that our spirit will die. As you continue to try to erase our existence you’ve failed to realize that we always rise again. You still haven’t noticed that you cannot kill the spirit of revolution, only the revolutionary. The death of the revolutionary will only make the spirit of revolution grow to larger in size. The more you suppress the oppressed it will only make the eventual revolution even that much more deadly.

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