Unwritten IV

I keep my circle of friends low and probably to a fault. They’ll never understand my point of view I think to myself, so I push those closest to me farther away. The distance between myself and my confidants increases by the day. For the few companions that I have left I try to keep them close but I know we’ll separate soon enough. My ultimate fate is loneliness. After all I’ve been left behind to make a way of my own. My mother left this plane of existence when I was just begining to understand this world that she brought me into. Soon after my mother’s disappearance, my father was stolen from me before he could inform about the lessons of life. No more guardians to help guide me through the hard corners and turns that this ride of life brings about. Along with me, my parents left behind 2 daughters, one of them being my older sister and the other my younger sister. The sole reason I still strive is because a promise I made to both of my parents as they made their exit. The promise : I would look after and protect my younger sister with all of my power. I fight depression and fall victim to the notion that no one understands me. At times I feel as though I’m a magnet for negativity, but somehow at rare moments I still find time to show a smile. In those times of elation I find myself to be full of life despite all that I have lost in my short life. I am on a search to find more of those moments that bring a smile to my expression, because those moments represent a sense of therapy. Those moments bring about happiness that serve as the only medicine to my tribulations.

(Dedicated to a close friend, and written as told to me.)

3 thoughts on “Unwritten IV

    1. This was a story as told to me from someone that I know. I felt it was important to tell their story of pain and growth. Anything left out the piece is left out because I composed this piece as it was told to me.


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