Hopeless, Obsolete, Overlooked, & Deserted

What’s the future for the children everyone has left behind in hell? If somebody has the key will they please hand it to me. If anyone has the key that unlock the door of happiness I ask you to please lend it to me. I’ve been trapped inside this room of dispair, where there is no switch to turn the light on. I’ve been told to stay inside the darkness and keep living on, but I’ve finally decided that this madness has gone on for far too long. I pen this letter because I now want to be free, I prayed to god but he seemed to ignore my plea. So now I turn to those that have escaped this hell that currently consumes every facid of me. But it seems that no matter how loud I scream no one can hear me. I’ve concluded that those few that have escaped this unforgiven land turn their backs and never look back. They leave us to find our own way instead of mentoring us on the skills necessary to become a better person and breakout of this place. I’ll never see their face again is what I tell myself when the selected few find an escape route to freedom. They go on to wear nice clothes and flashy jewelry, while the masses suffer in shame and poverty. Is this really what life has to offer to the forgotten souls? I mean damn were so forgotten by everyone else that we become an after thought to ourselves. We forget we even exist, we just survive because all we know is survival. At times I wish survival was not so natural and not apart of human nature. Whenever we feel like we had enough of hopelessness and brokeness, and we’re ready to give up the natural feeling of survial kicks in and we live on to see another dreadful day. I call it “the curse of resilience.” People think we’re victims of poverty, or hardship, or scarcity but we’re honestly victims of survival. What if we decided to stop carrying on just for the simple fact of carrying on? Who would the successful people have to look down on? I think our disappearence would be the worst nightmare for the so called “successful people” because they would forced to raise their heads and realize their success meant nothing after all. Without us they are nothing, and with us they are still nothing but they’re just too untaught to realize it.


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