Grew Up Fast

Let’s take a trip back to simpler time where you couldn’t see the downfalls of society. A beautiful world you so innocently thought, but that soon changed because ignorance is not bliss. How can bliss exist when you feel safe from the savagery of dirty hands, while the rest fall victim to their deadly touch? Living inside a bubble where you cannot see the outside, but when the smoke clears you realize you have been tricked. Tricked into believing that everything was alright, but you see what you wanna see right? You blame your peers and parents for allowing you to believe in a falsehood, and rightfully so. But you had a part to play in this corrupt card game. Although you couldn’t control the hand that you were dealt, you had the choice of whether of playing the game. Let’s be honest, you played an unfair game and you lost. Keep you’re new observations and thoughts to yourself because a million before you feel victim to the same system.

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