The Lost Drafts II

Here is the second installment of the lost drafts a.k.a thoughts and poetry pieces left unfinished. I couldn’t seem to complete these pieces but I’ve decided to share them anyway. I hope you enjoy:

I never came in first place; second place always fit me better. I guess I never liked the attention. More so, I feared the pressure of being expected to consistently finish first. Coming in second place meant that I got enough attention and props to fill the tank of my ego, while avoiding the parade of being the ultimate victor. I was able to play the background and still feel as though I was not completely useless. The curse of lacking confidence while still receiving enough attention to peacefully rest my head at night.

They were pulled back into the matrix by drama and deceptive faces. The corruption was allowed to run a muck so much so that it consumes everyone’s essence. Nothing but evil souls left walking around, serving the commands of the devil. Who’s the devil? That answer is up to you. Maybe the money turned them evil…or maybe the chase for that money made them switch their religion. You can find them inside the house of satan, praying on the downfall of all righteous things. Evil eyes wear glasses to hide the image of god from their sight. They’ve been diseased so much that wearing a smile represents the largest sin.

I sold my memories and bought my future. I accepted my flaws and left my past mistakes behind. I lost religion and finally found the god within.

You could never see the authenticity in my transformative phases. Tell me I’m different now, but at the same time disparage my growth.

This life will pass you by. Don’t forget to watch for the signs.What do we do now that we made it passed 25? Branded with the label of inferiority, so the future seemed like anything but a priority.

I’ve concluded that hope is just an illusion feed to us in order to amass confusion. The goal is to keep us in the dark and farther away from the solutions. The foundations of these institutions are as a barbaric as prison walls, forget reform how about a complete overhaul.

Who’s here to save the youth? No one…..make it on your own or reserve a meeting with the reaper. Your family weeps over your disappearance and clamors for your presence. You were too young to recognize the plan. You were too young to play chess and would rather throw dice from your hand.

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