Comparing Chris Brown To Trump???

This past Saturday night during his SNL monologue, host Aziz Ansari compared Chris Brown to Donald Trump. What? Yeah I know right. Ansari “joked” that Donald Trump was the Chris Brown of politics. Continuing Ansari also compared the supporters of Trump to the fans of Brown, stating that fans of Brown enjoy the singer’s music but don”t seem to care for his “extracurriculars.”


When has Chris Brown ever openly bragged about sexually assaulting women? When has Chris Brown ever mentioned that he wanted to deport people from America? Or celebrated his fake affinity for “the blacks?” Ansari’s joke about involving Chris Brown is just a microcosism of how Brown will never hear the end his “incident” with Rhianna. Now, this incident involving Rihanna ocurred over 8 YEARS ago, but somehow is still a punhcline along with any other Chris Brown incident in the past.

Ansari could’ve compared the “extracuriculars” of Mel Gibson, Ben Roethlisberger, or Bryan Singer to Trump’s, but nope Chris Brown’s name just had to be mentioned. Brown’s image and character has been consistently dragged through the mud in the media even when he’s done nothing to provoke the slander. The message sent to the public is that if you are you make a mistake or you are preceived to make a mistake as a young black male, then you will be punished and made fun of until the day you die (or maybe even after you die.) On the other hand, if you promote white supremacy and all the other ideals that the U.S. claim are “un-patriotic” then you have the opportunity to be elected or selected as the president.

What a world we live in huh?

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