Dark Future

What’s worse a criminal or a sinner? I’ll rather wait for my future judgement than to sit in front of a jury who’s sees me as an alien. I can only see my brother in shackels through glass, so I’d rather be a sinner. Atleast I can attone for my mistakes…….meanwhile the courtroom holds not an inch of mercy. No matter if innocent or guilty, the defendant is a small pawn in a much larger political chess game. My conclusion is that criminals are breed in order to fit the economic needs of the prison system. The wardens and guards are the face of the evil but the corruption goes much deeper. Criminals are labeled felons and stamped with an eternal mark of inferiority. Really….what makes a criminal??? Their actions or the conditions that breed those actions? One thing for sure is that the system has no interest in reforming these criminals. A generation of degenerates and a mindset of hopeless survival is the consequence. What’s the future for the youths trapped in the system? If there is any future at all it is a future guanranteed to be filled with darkness. Empty homes and destitute neighborhoods represent how the oppressed have been sucked into the black hole of society. Generational hate passed down forms institutions ran on the message of racial superiority. Insanity is normalized through repetition, so healthy change is painted as evil. Those who hold the paint brush cover the flaws of society with each stroke. Desensitized youths feel as though the world is going to be perpetually domimated by hypocrisy. And how can you blame us for thinking that way? How can you blame us for thinking that way?

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