The Cost Of Separation

Where is this going? Where are we going? Lost control of the situation without pressing the break pedal so they can’t even slow it down. She yells “damn you were supposed to hold me down, but instead you’d rather stand around! No regard while our relationship crashes to the sea floor. We agreed to a one way ticket but now you’re looking for a detour!” What happened to the love? All they’ve got is empty hugs. For so long they tried to prove the doubters wrong but that just dragged it on for too long. It’s not easy to let go but it has to be done. Shame on her for thinking he was the one. He fooled her once, he fooled her twice, plus another time so the joke is on her. She always believed that love was supposed to be free. Now she knows the pain of the separation is heavier price than she previously thought. To be honest, she never thought they were forever but shame on both of them for not knowing marriage is a business. The pain she felt influenced her to ask for half of all the things that he owned. How ironic that she took half of everything he owned after he took all of her heart and ripped it all apart. Her anger has driven her to reject all men because she doesn’t want to be hurt again. His new found freedom has given him the luxury of any women of his choice. He’s feels so young again while on the road to a mid-life crisis. Now they have to act as if they hate each other despite all the time they’ve shared. Lost love creates angry, bitter, and heartless foes….the effects of letting go.

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