If Only It Was That Simple

If only it was that simple. If only it was that simple to change minds. But to change minds I need a little change to shift the paradigm. Something much bigger than nickels and dimes. I need some more dollars and cents to make sense of this fucked up reality. Just hand me dead presidents to cover up my so called sins. If only it was that simple but it never is. If only the ends could bring the ignorance to an end. What if it’s not ignorance and you’ve fooled us to think you’re unaware of your devilish deeds. While you pay all costs to maintain your power, we’re still concerned with peace. You quietly celebrate our death in the street. As you raise your gun we raise our bible hoping Jesus will save our souls. Those who survive your abuse are certain that a gun is better protection than religion. But those who have never felt the wrath of your torture still clutch their bibles close their chest. If it was only that simple for the awaken souls to alarm the sheep.

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