Warning Signs

Too many close calls with death so I’m speeding on the highway dodging darkness. “Take the closest exit before you flip over, crash, and become a victim of your own vices” I tell myself. All of the advice that I ignored plays aloud in my mind as I approach the red light. It seems as if this streetlight will never turn green I think to myself. The advice that I ignored gets even fucking louder and I begin to panic. To calm my nerves I turn my music to the max hoping that’ll solve my problems. The car shakes from the volume and the vibrations travel all throughout my body. I grip the liquor bottle and take a huge gulp with anticipation building for the streetlight to turn green. The light is finally green so I take a right turn and proceed on my way home. Everything is so unfamiliar now. I enter my home without a hello or a sound from my wife as she passes me by. My son walks right past me without even recognizing my presence. It’s like I don’t even exist. Maybe I don’t? I make my way to the kitchen and I’m welcomed to an empty fridge. What’s new? After feeling a great amount of anger by failing to find any food in the kitchen I make my way to my wife’s bedroom. When I opened the door I saw her clutching my obitchuary as a river of the tears flow down her face. I bust the door open and run to console her, but just as I approach the bed everything goes black. I begin to wake up and I feel confused as ever. I get off the couch, remove the empty the liquor bottle from my chest, and place it in my hand. As I’m walking past the clock that reads 7:30 am I’m approached by my wife who’s wearing disappointment all over her face. It’s as if I had written “hangover” across my forehead. She screams “you promised you’d never touch that type of shit again!!” I feel so distugusted in my own skin, so I smash the liquor bottle onto the floor. As I looked at the broken glass all over the floor I knew that I would have to get my life together and pick up all the pieces. 

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