The Lost Drafts

Here are a few thoughts left unfinished. I couldn’t seem to complete these pieces but I’ve decided to share them anyway. I hope you enjoy:

We used to dream until the devil killed the genie. He dressed in unfamiliar clothes and we believed his weight-less promises. He gave us gold for presents when we needed a home. He gave us money when we needed a peace of mind. He gave us what we wanted not what we needed.

These medicines of gold & diamonds aren’t strong enough. Worthless currency backed only by manhood. Guns settle disagreements and greed never leaves. A cold world we live in with too many cold wars taking place within the minds of zombie-like robots who wander the streets. Forced under the influence of insanity by the drug of corruption.

I tried to buy my dreams but then I noticed the “not for sale” sign. I tried to pawn my flaws but the shop was closed. So to make up for my loss I bought a chain and new clothes. My friends tell me I’m flossing but honestely I’m just paying the price of being free.

I love Garvey, Martin, and Malcolm but we don’t need another leader. They destroy them and we look all defeated. Lost and clueless we go on our knees and pray to white jesus. But to no avail because fictional characters can never reach us.

Pain costs too much. Happiness is too expensive. Heaven is far from free. But still I reach…..

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