The Significance Of The Compromise Of 1877

In 1876 one of the most controversial president election took place in America. Republican candidate Rutherford Hayes and Democrat candidate Samuel Tilden both claimed that they had both won the election, but with 20 electoral votes being unresolved the election was at a stand still. With the Democrats controlling the House of Representatives the possibility of Hayes getting elected seemed slim to none. There seemed to be no solution to the election of 1876 so a compromised was constructed. As most people are aware of a compromise is an agreement where two sides gain something. The Compromise of 1877 gave both sides what they wanted: Republicans assumed the presidency with Hayes being elected and the Democrats got federal troops out of the South so they could dominate black society once again.

The Compromise of 1877 should be a historical example that both the Democrats and Republicans have no interest in helping black society. These so called “separated” political parties will unite to sacrifice the safety and survival of black people for “the greater good” of their political aims. History has shown that “Democat” and “Republican” means nothing to black society because we’ve caught hell under both parties. Republicans openly ignore black society unless of course they’re threatening to harm black people. Democrats address “minorities” and create policies while black society recieves the crumbs of those policies. The aligance to one or either of these political parties is simply idiotic and stupid. You shouldn’t allign with a political party but rather you should control politicians to achieve your goals.

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