Grade A Student

Damn I hate that 6 AM alarm. Suburban teachers travel into the city to to teach us high school urban kids and we can tell that they don’t give a fuck. Through repetition they teach fractions and equations but they never instruct us how we factor into this fucked up equation. They tell us about so called “history” but always fail to give solutions to fix the current situation. I swear its just a set up. Its insane how they keep us confused spinning in circles so the cycle never lets up. The football and basketball teams get all the funds but they never win a damn game! Poetry clubs and open mic nights include the things we never see. I took my ideas to the principle but he rejected my plea. So I just decided to say “fuck it.” Time can’t move fast enough until I leave this place. As college nears closer more problems and questions arise. What sense does it make to graduate into debt? Still we walk the stage with smiles, grab the diploma, and pose for pictures. We stand small and appear confused because they insist we don’t know the truth. What’s the future for the hopeless youth?

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