What Does A Trump Presidency Mean For Black Society?

What does a Trump presidency mean for black society?

Open Racism: The days of a black puppet in the White House are over atleast for now. Trump has become the leader of white supremacy. The election of Trump means a total bold-ness in the actions of white supremacists regarded toward black people. White supremacist will feel even more comfortable harming and executing black citizens because they have been given ultra confidence by their white supremacist jesus. Overt racism will now replace this current denial system of white supremacy because Hitler has entered the “big seat” and a Nazi system will now take place. Not much from this presidential race will change much about black society because politicians have no interest of dealing with the “black problem.” So we have to become absolutely focused on our survival and success. Black people thrive better under overt systems of racism because there are no excuses.

Spreaded Hatred: Some so called liberals, feminists, hispanics, and arab fear a Trump presidency because they know the “pain” will be distrubuted. Meaning that Trump’s hatred will no longer be only directed toward “the blacks” but rather all so called “monorities” will feel the wrath of Trump. And I have absolutely no problem with that because all of these so called “monorities” said nothing when Trump targeted and abused black society. So there shouldn’t be any “minority coalition” talk because other groups don’t deserve our support.

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