The “Your Ancestors Died For Your Right To Vote” Excuse

It is no secret that young people but young black people in particular have lost interest in voting on a presidential level in this election. After witnessing 8 years of a black puppet in the White House black youths just see no reason to choose between the lesser of two evils. Despite the fact that the electoral college selects the president, black youths have been constantly told that they should choose between either Trump or Hillary. Choosing between someone who thinks keeping hot sauce in her purse will win the black vote and someone who is an open white supremacist is not a reasonable or productive choice.

When so called “liberals” or “civil rights leaders” notice the dis-interest from black youths to participate in this election they proceed to the cliche excuse that “your ancestors died for your right to vote.” Now whenever I hear this excuse I just can’t help but to roll my eyes. I usually respond by say “you know what you’re right my ancestors did die for my RIGHT to vote and I’m not going to exercise that right at this moment.” Furthermore this dumb excuse is actually very disrespectful in that implies that freedom fighters died simply for the right of black peope to vote. People such as Fred Hampton died for the complete liberation not the right to vote. The right to vote is miniscule when compared the actual lives and freedoms of melanoid people.

Voting on a presidential level is pointless for black society at this moment in time. It’s very clear that local and federal governments have no interest in protecting melanoid peope from exicutions and lynchings. All of our issues have to be fixed by us through a code of conduct and cooperative economics. When you’re being legally lynched on a consistent basis while public officials turn a blind eye, your last corncern should be supporting or voting for public officials.

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