Don’t Forget About Us

Who will survive in America? We all know the ultimate goal is to exit the slums but really…where are we running to? Dodging lead poison but what are you leaning into? Deep down you know your past will always haunt you but you’re just content with the fact that it didn’t defeat you. Cleared the first hurdle but the second one is right ahead. Circling the track while racing against fate, its so hard to stay ahead. Every step another obstacle thrown at your feet in hopes that you’ll fall. But somehow you still keep running and never look back. Meanwhile the crowd can see that your opponents haven’t even finished their first lap. You attempt not to brag but the ego is such a hard thing to contain. They cheer you on and their admiration keeps you blinded to the fact that you’re a token. Friends from your former home scream “please don’t forget about us!!!” But you fail to make any trips back home because the slums is not your home anymore. You’ve changed……some people think you’ve changed for the better others think the opposite. Nonetheless you can’t relate to where you came from. Gold chains hang down from your neck and bounce on your chest with every step. And with every step you move farther away from where you started. “Please don’t forget about us!!!!” They still scream, but you ignore their words. As their voices fade to black they ask “what made you change??” But you fail to answer.

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