Music & Education

Wherever I travel throughout the day my headphones purposely hold a place in my pocket. The sounds that blast through my headphones represent one of my favorite things, which is music. It’s very challenging to remember the last time a whole day passed by and I didn’t listen to any music. Most adults can’t seem to make it through the day without their morning cup of coffee because the coffee provides them with much needed energy and motivation to push through the rest of the day. Whether in the morning, afternoon, or late at night my energizer is one of my favorite songs. Since my first introduction to my music I’ve always been amazed at how a few artists can tell such a vivid story in a standard 3 or 4 minutes. For those couple of minutes my mind is thrown into the world of the artist, and I have the pleasure to explore all of the words and ideas that help build a particular song. Everytime I scroll through all of the songs that take up nearly all of the space on my phone I am reminded how much music is apart of my life. Everyday music and I cross paths so it would be nearly impossible for my selection of music to not have an affect on me in some way. Generally, an activity performed everyday is surely going to shape or change your beliefs about life. Other than providing me with the alternative to reading books (when I feel like I’ve read enough), music has helped me to understand perspectives that were foreign to me and analyze stories that I can relate with. Music has the power to shape ideas and beliefs. Music has the power to make someone interested in a story that is completely fictional and be concerned with characters that don’t exist. After listening to some of the most detailed tribulations of an artist, a person may feel as though they understand the artist even though the listener has never meant them. Music is one of the most powerful things in the world. Music can be used as a tool for education and analyzation. Just as seating in a classroom for 48 minutes (but feels like forever) can help a person gain an education, music can do the same. The ultimate goal of everything that you learn in school is to apply the information and concepts to the world in hopes of having success. Just as education is a tool, music is also a tool. Music can help someone better analyze their surroundings by hearing thoughts from another point of view giving them a new understanding on a familiar or unfamiliar situation. 

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