Quick Thoughts From The Youth

I love to get caught up in what used to be. You’re always quick to say that I reminisce on the past too much, but what would you do if you were me. Since age seven I knew that this world was anything but heaven. I never saw the reason for waisting time in church because I never believed the reverend. Years before, I existed in an oasis. What happened to the days when life was so basic? We used to cause terror on our parents while not trying to get caught sneaking in the basement. But now we thrive on a low level. We’re stuck at first base plottinng on a way to make it to home plate. A lack of food on our plates breeds hate that keeps us stuck in the dreadfully familiar place. Spinning in circles searching for signs to figure out the cycle of life. Waking up to broken windows that bring in early morning sunlight. Will someone show us the light? We lost the message in our failures so we failed to learn from the lessons. Success never looked like us so we internalized our prescence as less than. We would zone out the teachers and the bell ringing was a blessing. They would babble on about concepts of trigonometry, zoology, and the constitution when all we wanted some restitution….or reciprocity for all the pain and tragedy. 

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