Blood Linked Memories

Election time red or blue you pick. In this day and time you have two choices. You either catch the bullet from the officer or get a number for a name you pick. It just seems like we’re that dope fiend trying to get quick fix. They’re packing private prisons, lost religions about time you question what world we living in. Lost souls with no harmony and we’re halfway to the crossroads. We could never afford a car so we crossed roads. Passing street lights with our heads down because we lost hope. Hopeless with more stress, searching for signs of god damn its hard to feel blessed. Yeah they blessed us with tradegy. From slave ships to a battlefield and we still fighting to be free. Survival of the fittest, who will survive you or me? They have us trapped thinking it’s only you or me. Someday we have to realize that we need each other and that you are me. We’re fighting over breadcrumbs while they make bread and laugh until we succume to our injuries. So much pain while we’re living on our knees but why cry when you can die on your feet. Don’t be so selfish. Trade that feeling of being helpless for a piece of selflessness. Because who’s gonna save us but us? I mean damn look at the word it’s just us. Out on this deserted island; they left us for dead. They breed us to be bottom-feeders and we act shocked when they defeat us. It was supposed to happen, get your mind out the gutter and realize what you’re trapped in. Life’s a traffic jam, stuck on the highway looking for a way out. I tried to switch lanes but its too similar and the cars look all the same. This life is equivalent to be stuck at a red light at midnight. The future is too dark so I have to turn on my headlights. Blocking out the pain so I turn up my radio hoping everything will be alright.

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