The Land Of A Sinner

That mirror turnes out to be my worst enemy. I had to look into eyes I no longer recognized while trying to suffocate insane thoughts without any compromise. Those memories, damn those memories the worst replay button you can imagine. The regrets trap my body…How did this happen? I lost my esscence searching for gold, my mistakes placed me in debt now I’m unable to pay the tole to purchase back what was sold. The devil dangles images of my former self in front of me, I guess a form of torture for my sudden change. I’m lost living underneath the grounds I used to walk. The footsteps of those thought to be saved serve as a constant reminder of my downfall. Those who used to be called “neighbors” and “brethren” seems so unfamiliar, now I label them aliens. Existing under the real world is as evil as it is thought to be . Who let me slip into this pit? Red illuminated walls from the eternal fire that was lit. I remember hearing so many stories about this place but nothing could’ve prepared me for this torture. The devil out of disguise and I’m forced to stare him square in the eyes. That look will break the strength of the strongest men and demolish any will to survive. I quit searching for an exit after some time. Those demons that I tried to dodge daily are now placed directly in front of me. I suppose I got tired of running. Damn, I tried so hard to run away from myself but those demons always caught up. A wicked kind of content consumes my every move. Frozen in the world under all that I formally knew. 

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