What Defines My Name?

Tupac once said in an interview that when growing up he had to say his name twice as much and with twice as much force due to his name being so rare. He went on to explain that he was proud of his name because it helped him build character. Having to pronounce his name with such confidence seperated Tupac from other children and helped him grow. This is just one example of how important names are in our society.

So about a year ago when I finally decided to begin making posts I spent a great deal of time thinking of a name. After the dumb, generic names passed through my brain I began to ask myself what defines me as a person. The year I was born (1999) was my first thought so I ran with that. Combine the year I was born with my ultimate dream of living forever and you get 99TiLInfinity. I realize that my words and stories will long out live me, so atleast if I can’t live forever then my words have a chance to be immortal.

In closing, just like words names have the opportunity to be very powerful when applied correctly. 99TiLInfinity is just the title of my blog but it is also defines who I am and my goals.

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