Not Civil Rights, But Human Rights Violations

When it comes to injustice and the murder of black people particually in America it is usually talked about with regards to civil rights. The words “civil rights” have become synonymous with the abuse and struggle of black people. It is always a violation of civil rights and never thought to be anything greater. So this begs the question, should it be considered a civil rights violation and nothing greater? I think injustice against black people is greater than a civil rights violation it is a human rights violation.

Civil rights has been applied to the plight of black people in order to minimize the issue. Historically and currently the injustice against black people is not a matter of civil rights but a matter of human rights. During The Civil Rights Movement black people were not fighting for civil rights. What are civil rights? Black people were fighting for the right to be recognized as humans by the U.S. government and to be treated to as such. The government and the media coined to the movement as a fight for “civil rights” to minimize the issue when it was clear by listening to the leaders and speakers of the movement they were fighting for the right to be recognized as humans.

By projecting oppression as a civil rights violation it minimizes the problem while also keeping the issue within the confinds of United States jurisdiction. If chattel slavery, breeding farms, the lend-lease program, the black codes, violence of the KKK, Jim Crow, unpunished lynchings during segregation, CO-INTEL-PRO, mass incarceration, ect. were recognized as human rights violations America be in violation of The United Nations Declaration Of Humans Rights. The injustice would be taken to the world court and America would have a lot to pay for metaphorically but also literally in form of reparations to Black Americans in the billions. So the word choice of “civil rights” is not by mistake, it was and still is in the best interest of America to continue to ignore the human rights violations against black people by projecting the injustice as an issue of civil rights.

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