The Artist II

Did my platinum albums mean anything to you? I poured my esscence into my songs but you just ignored my humanity and pulled me along. All you saw was dollar signs when I would sing and rap these rhymes. All this could really be my fault because I witnessed those artists who were raped that came before me. When you brought your hopeful words and that contract, I couldn’t resist I was to become another victim in this haneous act. Thinking of checkers while you guys were playing chess…maybe that’s why us artists always get screwed? Now that I’ve participated in your sick game I’ve learned your rules. Looking back on the situation artists are doomed to lose. From the beginning we’re placed in positions dealing poisons like poverty and racism. We see no way out and we see no chance of winning. Then you come along claiming that you’ll make right all of our wrongs if we just sings these songs. So desperate to leave behind the empty stomaches and pain we grab that microphone, hop on tv only hoping that opportunity will set us free. I’m ready to go my own way and start a new chapter. All that I’ve done for you is dead to me now, you can keep my masters for too long I’ve called you master. The time now calls for me to build something in my own name…..something that I can claim while avoiding your evilness and placing blame. The duty of an artist is to create and create I will do. Now that I’ve escaped your lies I’ll really give these kids something to sing to.

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