What Tommy Told Toby

Follow me and I’ll show you everything you want to see. I’ll tell you everything you need to know. Buy that car, hit the strip club, throw that dough($). Sag those pants, throw those bands, dance that jig, follow the plan. I’ll save you from yourself if you let me. I’ll make you a star if you let me. Don’t get out of line because I’ll take those presidents, I’ll take that house, I’ll take that grammy. As far as the wife situation…the white chick or the mammy. Wait, please wait Mr. Man do I have any say in this situation? Just play your part in this movie and you’ll reach your peak, don’t worry you can wear your dashiki once a week. That lifted closed fist goes along great with Jordans on your feet. I’ll give you anything you need…just don’t cross me, kiss my ring, & follow my lead.

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