All the faces in the crowd but I still look to you. Recognized your features in the pool of a thousand faces. You stand out while still fitting in. So effortless in your eligance and your presence gotta be heaven sent. The danger of falling in love is falling. When you fall you drop, when you drop you lose control, and when you lose control you become insane. I’d rather walk into love. Your potential of perfection has me ready to walk that path. Exchange our past mistakes for a chance at change. Let’s smile and celebrate to new beginnings. I swear I met you before, maybe in my past life. Maybe once or twice. You look so familiar, I swear I met you before. Thought I lost you some time ago when I kicked you out and told you “so long.” But I think history had it written wrong. So selfish we used to be, constantly arguing like Ike & Tina look at us now we’re getting married like Martin & Gina. Immaturity, time, and circumstance kept us seperated but see how we took advantage of this second chance. So rare this type of bond, we brand each other King & Queen….at the end of the day we’re all we need.

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