8 P.M. Thoughts

To all of the people I’ve passed by so far in my short journey through life this far. From the smallest encounters to the largest. From the shortest friendships to the longest. From the quick conversations to the prolonged debates. Somebody asked me where do I get all of my ideas and inspirations from and I answered with one word…”life.” Yeah it sounds so cliche right? But inspiration is very ellusive. Inspiration can be sparked from a single word, a sentence, or just analyzing my surroundings. I don’t claim to be an amazing writer or storyteller, I just enjoy incorporating a small piece of my thoughts into a poem or story while still protraying a greater message within those words. Life does not imitate art and art does not imitate life. It’s more a balance where life is incomplete without the creation of art and art is empty without the cycle of life. As it pretains to my life I feel the same. Without my past, present, and future experiences my words are empty and without my words my reality is incomplete.

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