War Is Constant

When the victim is backed up against the wall you’ll see their strongest effort. When the oppressed strikes back the most powerful blow will be felt. When the depressed are asked about their condition they will always answer with “fuck the world.” The powerful will always insist that “nothing is wrong” with society. The unheard will always scream the loudest when given the opportunity to speak. The poor will constantly be in survival mode because what is the other option? The subjugated will always strive to rise. The affluent will consistently attempt to maintain their position. The God Complex poisons the most esteemed to the point where two socities simutaneously clash. The ignored underbelly always trying to dodge the stones thrown down at them in the form the elite trying to sustain their position. The neglected society fight a battle of survival while the noblemen are caught in a mindset of protection. War is constant. The subjugated class lead their army against a retreating fragile army of kings running for their mansions of gold. The kings lose their crowns as they fall to the ground, but those rebelling step over the crowns on their journey to freedom. Even when the oppressed eventually catch up to the royalty class they don’t murder them instead they destroy something more important. With a scream of liberty and a match lit by the quest of freedom the underprivileged burn down the castles and mansions where the golden class loved to lay. 

To Be Continued…

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