War Is Constant II : Survival Vs. Rebellion

In the ultimate battle of survival vs. rebellion only destruction remained. Revolution meant blood in every sense of the word. This uprising proved that to the 3rd degree. To the elite the freedom of the subjugated represented their judgement day. They paid for every sin, everyday that this injustice of ineuquality festered. Naturally this day was on the horizon, the bottomfeeders will always arise to defeat evil. When the buildings of the upper class burned the most extreme path to change was set in motion. No more labels existed and the fruitfulness of equality was present……or so they thought. As it turned out the oppressed lost their purpose. All they knew how to do was struggle and overcome the obstacles placed in front of them by the upper class. That dynamic was destroyed now and it left the underclass as lost and unimportant as the former royal class. Direction was lost. The subjugated feared becoming what they rebelled against while the noblemen felt as though they were somewhat unworthy of wearing their crowns after their defeat. The rebellion demolished the two social classes of society. An internal war now was being wage within the two groups. The oppressed were naked without their clothes that symbolized their struggle but also felt a sense of freedom. Maybe that freedom was just foreign for so long that they were unsure about how to embrace it. The kings were torn between trying to defeat the natural ordee of change or becoming what they loathed for such a long time. Both the elite and underprivileged class were as equally confused by the new shift in power. Both were still fighting a battle when the war was over. Still fighting a battle because they were trying to squeeze into a former idea of themselves that no longer existed.

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