Missed The Bonfire For Freedom

Lost in The Matrix, I chose the red pill. Surrounded by your summer camp friends, trapped in the allure of the night time bonfires. I watched from a distance because it seemed attractive, but I was on a mission so summer camp never fit my schedule. I felt like I didn’t have any time to waste but my desire for reminiscing on adolescent memories always kept me watching from a distance. I would over hear all the immature dare games and my teenage intuition urged me to move closer, but the thought of a better adulthood glued my feet to the dirt. I was trapped and torn. Trapped between the lines of adolescence and the promise of adulthood. Torn between the fun of my young life and the mission of trying to change the world. I was consistently told that I was too young to be thinking about all of these objectives. Everybody called me “angry” and “bitter” for always speaking on the issues that plagued the world and spread like a cancer. In reality I was just fed up with the ills of society. My motivation was mistaken for anger because the list of those brave enough to change the world is naturally short. My age told people I belonged around the bonfire with my peers while my heart told me I belonged in the depths of society attempting to cure the world. I missed the bonfire for freedom. I chose to neglect my innocence for liberation. I traded my sanity in hopes of making the world healthier. Eventually I would grow up so I thought why waste time in striving for sovereignty. I missed the bonfire for freedom.

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