There Are Police Officers & There Are Race Soldiers

There is this idea that there are “good cops” and “bad cops” within police departments. The “good cops” are the majority and don’t deserve to be lumped into the bunch with the “bad apples that are “bad cops.” Well I totally disagree with this notion of “good cops” and “bad cops.” 

First the term “good” or “bad” when referring to a police officer does not apply. Terms such as “good” and “bad” should not be applied when speaking about cops, they are light words that should be  used when discussing someone’s feeling but not for a government official that is hired to serve and protect. Applying “good” to the term cop is unnessecary, the word “cop” is good by definition. Applying “bad” to the term cop is an oxymoron/paradox, because when a “cop” is doing something “bad” they are not acting as police officers. So this whole notion and arguement about “good cops” vs “bad cops” doesn’t exist. When a police officer is targeting, abusing, and lynching a black person they are not doing police work. A more appropriate term should be applied, and that word is race soldier. 

When black people speak about “police brutality” the media attempts to flip the dialouge into a “black people hate police” situation. So by using the term race soldier the whole “black people are anti-police” lie cannot be brought into the discussion. So called police officers that murder and lynch people like Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, Tamir Rice, Oscar Grant, Freddie Gray, ect. are not doing work of police or cops and therefore cannot be labeled as “bad cops” they are race soldiers with the intent to murder black men, women, and children.

Let’s stop using incorrect terms and get the language right. There is no such thing as “good cops” and “bad cops.” There are police officers and there are race soldiers, simple as that. Police officers serve and protect. Race soldiers target, abuse, and murder black people without punishment from the law. Race soldiers receive protection from police unions, and are not condemed for their actions by the media nor the government. Race soldiers are not indicted by grand juries or given bench trials where they receive no punishment from judges that were voted in by their police unions. There are police officers and there are race soldiers.

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