In The Wind 

“Go with the flow and you’ll be fine.” Never wanted to be the outcast so peer pressure consumes my thoughts with ease. The narative quickly became follow the crowd and never lead. To seperate would mean to be alone. And to be alone would mean going against the grain. And to go against the grain would mean walking foward through a movie that was rewinding. Because that’s what I see this as, a movie, a fantasy. A society driven by a false reality. Everyone is their own worst enemy, and I’m faced with toughest opponent in this battle…me. Internal battles that can’t be overcome soon disease the normalcy of the things we find solace in. Everything that was comfortable is now uneasy because someone decided to step up and step out of the pack. An act of revolution or a natural act? Following the status quo never was natural but it was normal and that was good enough for all of us. Or so we thought. As the wind blew we followed the breeze disinterested in changing our paths. Not concered with being free.

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