Something To Think About Part VIII : Loans, Slavery, Prison, & Wealth

                       Loans :

Black people can get a student loan, car loan, mortage loan but not a business loan. Why so? That business will finance that man or woman and build wealth. That student, car, or mortage loan will have to be paid and will finance that university, car dealership, or bank/mortage company which is not black owned. 

              Slavery & Prison :

The prison system was not introduced in America until 1865. Slavery was transfered in 1865. The problem of what to do with 4 million black people not in physical bondage had been placed on the plate of America. Prisons were introduced to house and enslave black people (13th Ammendment). Homelessness and stealing became illegal when it was obvious that 4 million that had been dehumanized, abused, and kept away from jobs and education for centuries are going to be homeless and are going to steal because they had been kept out of the political, social, and economic system. In 1865 and up until now racially based laws are purposely and consciously passed to imprison and enslave black people.

          To Be Rich Or Wealthy?

The difference between rich and wealth. Rich is for one or two generations and eventually will fade and poverty will rear it’s ugly face once again. Wealthy is like building an empire that your great grandchildren and so on will benefit from. To be rich takes skill, a little luck, and will benefit you and maybe your children. Wealth also takes skill and luck but to build to wealth means be unselfish and to sacrifice for the success of your bloodline. Become wealthy not rich. Being rich creates a mindset of the fast life while being wealthy creates patience on the path of achievement.

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