21 Grams Trapped : The Story Of The Human Soul

I’m awakened daily at the sound of the faint alarm around 8 a.m. I’m lifted out of the bed and taken into the bathroom to uphold the body’s healthy hygiene. After Breakfast is eaten, I’m forced to tag along to the 9 to 5 perpetual grind. Once he has returned from work and dinner is complete I am forced to sleep. The same cycle repeats to no end but I just want to be released. Released from this wicked place that his body calls home. But my freedom means his death. My escape means his demise. I am him in his truest form and the esscence of his truest reflection. I’m trapped because in order for him to survive in the world of lies I must be hidden. I am trapped inside of his body just as he is trapped inside of a decietful world. We both crave for the moment of bliss that would signify our escape. I lay dorment hungering for the taste of freedom. Trying to break through these walls, with each blow he suffers more and becomes weak. The stronger I become the more he fades. His dying breath means my escape. I am free now as is he. For his sake no more pain or insanity. For me I am as free as nature and the trees while he is buried underneath.

21 Gram Theory – http://www.historicmysteries.com/the-21-gram-soul-theory/

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