Tomorrow : Make It Past 25

Was always told that the good die young so we believed it. Was always told that life is short so we believed it. Was told that tomorrow is never promised so we believed it. We believed all of these things not because they were true but in order to survive it was necessity to internalize those words. The fast life was not a choice, it was our only option and the only opportunity presented to us. People tend to judge our decisions but fail to analyze our options. The fast life was opportunity so we snatched it hoping to succeed. We knew it brought short-term success, we had short-goals so we were fine with the outcome. We were consistently told that tomorrow was never promised so tomorrow never existed to us. Yesterday reminded us of our hardships so yesterday was deleted from our minds. The present was the only existence that existed. “We wasn’t supposed to make it past 25!” Our decisions only depended on the now, we were creatures of the moment and slaves of the present unable to see the beauty of tomorrow. Tomorrow seemed as real as the afterlife. It was too dark to imagine tomorrow. Tomorrow was not built for people like us. Tomorrow only existed when it existed. Tomorrow was only tomorrow when it was today. We were born just to die at 25…….”We wasn’t supposed to make it past 25!”



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