At This Point…

Filters and distractions fill the timeline only providing a small dose of medicine that plauge the esscence. So the murders, lynchings, and oppression now beg the question. When will it stop? It’s bigger than bullets and cops! It’s bigger than agents and drugs infiltrating the block! It’s about a system buit to destroy us. So the shock and suprise is meaningless at this point. None of this is by mistake…not in this system. Not our invisible gun but our humanity and our skin is the crime in this system. The oppression has become normalized and apart of the fabric of the nation. At some point the oppressed will rise above their position and improve their condition. If not the only other decision is extinction. The fruits of this nation were never built for us and won’t ever benefit us. We are the strange fruit looking for a healthy tree to grow on. We will find that tree, it is in our blood, it is our mission, it is our destiny.

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