What’s revolution without blood?

What’s pain without love?

What’s hatred without hugs?

What’s death without the excitement of life?

What’s God without the devil?

What’s a follower without a rebel?

What’s nothing without something?

Because something is only something when nothing is present.

And nothing is empty when something is complete.

With the absence of one, the other is incomplete.

What’s fire when it can’t be put out by water?

Injustice becomes ordinary when justice is concealed to the masses.

Is a pig really being led to slaughter when the pig doesn’t think of it as murder?

How can you be woke when you’ve been sleep your whole life.

You take pride as violence because you misunderstand the plight & you’re comfortable in your position.

Is pride violent?

I guess it’s just depends on the perspective right? The million dollar balcony view can’t identify with the 1st floor window.

And that’s the despairing part about all of this…

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