The Purpose Of The New O.J. Simpson Fetish

The year of 2016 has become the year of talking about “the negro that got away” aka O.J. Simpson.  While I was watching this new propaganda on O.J. Simpson they kept saying “O.J. got away with murder.” Talking about Simpson like a runaway slave by saying he “got away” ignoring the lack of evidence during the trial. With projects on Simpson like The People v. O.J. Simpson and O.J. : Made In America the brainwashing of a new generation is in full effect. It’s clear the purpose of the new O.J. Simpson fetish is to brainwash young people and teenagers that weren’t alive or paying attention in 1995 with mis-information and half-truths.

Last week I was having a conversation with a friend and she brought up the new O.J. : Made In America documentary on ABC and she stated that she thought O.J. was guilty. I explained my opinion that before the trial that O.J. was supposed to go to prison because he was charged with the murder of two white people. But there was no evidence or motive found connected to Simpson during the trial.

People attempt to use Simpson’s past history of domestic abuse as a motive for the murder of Nicole Brown-Simpson. Those same people ignore the fact that in 1994 that Simpson and Nicole were seperated and Nicole actually wrote a letter to O.J. begging to get back with him. So there was not a motive for O.J. to kill Nicole.

The lead detective on the case Mark Fuhrman was a rabbit racist, who stated he hated interracial couples and admitted to planting evidence on black suspects. She seemed to be in shock with all that I was telling her. I explained to her that all of this evidence is ignored 20 years later because the “O.J. Did It” industry is too lucrative. Too many books, television, and movies have been made about the O.J. trial to stop now. Too much money has been invested in the industry to change the narative and look at the trial with common sense and examine all the evidence.

The People v. O.J. Simpson mini-series intended to brainwash a new generation while ignoring evidence and showing half-truths. The O.J. : Made In America documentary harped on the fact that Simpson didn’t want to be black with the intention to seperate the black community from O.J. Now everyone in the black community knew that O.J. was a coon and the white media loved O.J. because he was a coon.

Let’s not all be confused about why this new O.J. fetish has surfaced in 2016, it has surfaced because O.J. Simpson is up for parole in 2017 for a crime of stealing back his own items. This propaganda was planned to brainwash a new generation and make sure O.J. doesn’t get out of prison in 2017. The plan is for O.J. Simpson to die in prison.

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