If I Lost It All

If I lost it all would you care? I suppose it’s common sense to be with someone who you can build with. But I thought it was through thick & thin. I thought it was in sickness & in health? I should’ve known that was just celebration and tradition. So it is my fault…..Maybe so? My friend told me marriage is a business. Damn I should’ve listened. Got caught in the grips of lust and now I have to pay a heavy price. Years of building a strong connection…..is that worth losing because of one mistake late at night? How could I turn down that opportunity? Don’t ask me why I did it, because I don’t even know why. If you’re gonna leave then leave. I’m tired of hearing that I fucked up & that I’m a horrible person. I thought we were supposed to fight through tough times but you’re halfway out of the door. You didn’t mean any of those words about commitment & marriage. And for that reason I have no regrets for my mistake….I’ll do it again given the chance. If I lost it all  would you care? I’m losing it all and you’re not here.

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