Moving At The Speed Of Life Pt. II

Fuck Bitches, Get Money used be the motto because that’s what Biggie told us. I soon found out that lifestyle wouldn’t last. My dreams began to overshadow my current situation, but your vices began to defeat your ambitions. It was sad to see but what I could do? The most difficult task to ever accomplish is to save people from themselves. It wasn’t my job to save you. I couldn’t play the hero, only you could do that. I chose to turn right and you chose left. What you chose is what you chose…we were like brothers so I can’t help but feel guilt. And that’s the fucked up part about all of this, the memories still haunt me. The good memories haunt me the most, not the bad memories, that’s the weird part. You made the mistakes but I’m left to analyze how you got caught up in all this madness. You lost your life, I lost a brother, I lost a friend, I lost my sanity. I gained knowledge and a life lesson but I don’t think that was worth your life. At the speed of life you were moving. That speed seemed too fast for my liking but was always normal for someone like you. You were moving at the speed of life. Now you’re face is on the front of my shirt…..I’m screaming I miss you.

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