The Real Story Of The “Hood”

The “hood” is not a place where people live but an experimental concentration camp. An experiment to place poor black people in a neighborhood where they’re left for dead without any economic development or oppurtunity. Successful black towns of the past like Little Africa & Rosewood were burned to the ground by white mobs. Racist actions like redlining by the FHA in terms of mortage loans in the 1940’s & 1950’s help create what is known now as the “hood”.

The “hood” was not an accident but rather planned and a concentration camp. The businesses placed in the neighborhood do not benefit those citizens because they are not of those citizens. Meaning businesses are present in the “hood” that are not ran by black people, and those businesses do not invest back into the community that they make their money from. Although law enforcement is always on high patrol throughout the “hood” it is always reported that these are the highest crime areas why is that? Race soldier can kill citizens of that neighborhood without any punishment so murdeous cycle is present by race soldiers.

Because no one else has shown interest in ending these concentration camps, it is up to us to destory this experiment and build successful communities through education, business, and knowledge. And to those that refuse this necessary destruction of the experiment of the “hood” and the mentality that it creates they are to be moved out the way of change because they are apart of the problem not the solution.

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