Rap : The Imperfect Masterpiece

A descendant of jazz, blues, & rock. Born in the streets & atmosphere of the “Boogey Down” Bronx & later spread to the other 4 bouroughs & like a wildfire around the world. From the two turntables & a mic, beat breaking on card-board to platinum selling albums & should be grammy awards. Often criticized for its explicitness, rough rhymes, sexualization of women, & corporate controled music. Rap to some is annoying to their ears, to others its the voice of the oppressed, but at its purest Rap is an imperfect masterpiece.

 From Public Enemy, 2Pac, A Tribe Called Quest, to Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, Kevin Gates. The difference & diversity in sound that permiates through rap is second to none. The only problem is balance, the problems occurs when there are more Young Thug’s then say Kendrick Lamar’s. One of the major problems in modern day rap is balance. If balance is present Rap can truly reach it fullest potential.

I think of any of art and escpecially Rap as a reflection or mirror to the country and world that we live in. So, it is unhealthy to be angry at the ills of Rap music instead of the problems in society that created those ills in Rap. If art is a reflection of life, then Rap is a reflectiok of the world. This is not to make an excuse but to just be honest.

The imperfect masterpiece painted  by the brush of brilliant young black minds. The finished painting  mixed with all the ingridients that are present in society whether good or bad. The imperfect masterpiece is a mirror painted on a canvas & when you look through that mirror you see the same thing you see on the other side of your front door.

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