J. Cole – The Badness (Song Review)

“I feel like the devil keep following me” A song about the evils of life and trying to escape those evils and become a better person even though “the devil keeps following” people throughout life. J. Cole and Dreamvile label mate Omen collaberated for one of the best songs on Cole’s classic project The Warm Up. Both Omen and Cole spit two verses that rivaled any other verses on the project.


   Best Lines From “The Badness”

  • “I see a baby cry. A second later she laughs, the beauty of life the pain never lasts.”
  • “The light make the whites think I’m a ‘nice good nigga.’ But at night they think twice and walk a little faster. It’s funny a hundred years ago I would’ve called him ‘master’. How the tables turn.”
  • “I swear I walk with god but the devil keep following.”
  • “Feel like I’m riding charter plan to broken hearted pain. Turbulance is constant, my pilot has gone insane.
  • “Bound to start drinking or smoking sinking in this ocean. Leaping through this badness hoping I’m reaching for closeness.”

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