May 19th : Malcolm X Day

Today is May 19th otherwise known as the earthday, bornday, or birthday of Malcolm X. Malcolm was an amazing speaker, thinker, and leader in the fight for black people not just in America but around the world.Today is a day of acknowledgement for Malcolm’s work and ultimate sacrifice for his people.

Malcolm was unafriad of the consequences of standing for and with his people when the government was murdering anyone who had enough determination and fearlessness to capture the minds of black people.

Today should be a day to show pride in one of the greatest world leaders in history. While appreciating Malcolm maximum intelligence and great speeches, those of us who admire Malcolm should be inspired to find the greatness within ourselves.The physical form of Malcolm X entered this world on May 19, 1925 and his physical form left the earth on February 21, 1965 but his speeches, plans, and the impact that Malcolm left is immortal. 

R.I.P. Malcolm X, Malcolm Shabazz, el hajj-Malik-el Shabazz


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