StoryTime Vol. 2 : Story Of My Life

Driving down the road just looking out the window, looking at the world. So many problems but no answers the questions I have. Trying to solve the world but it seems impossible. Stop at the red light…. 1 minute later it turns green. I turn left and see the same problems on this street I saw on the last street. Different street, same problems.

It’s a Sunday in the middle of the summer. Christians just leaving church from their annual service. I stop by my friend’s house. He tells me about the amazing service, “you should come to the next service next Sunday!” But I just tell him that I don’t need gold cielings to talk to god. He gives a peculiar look likes he’s confused. “What do you mean” he says. I explain to him that my concept of god and his concept are totally different. “Everything that you need is inside of you…. in your mind and heart” I say.  He still looks confused. ” We are gods if you really thinks about it” I explain. He calls me crazy and we both laugh because we both know we’ll never agree.

I leave his house and proceed to the mall. I enter the mall and see a crowd of people lost in the addiction of about 50 stores inside of one building. Nothing really constructive happens at the mall which is why I rarely come here. But today I have to meet with another friend to spend some time together. I enter the food court and meet her at a table. We say our greetings, order some food, and begin to catch up. While we eat we talk about our common passion and love of music. We talk about growing up listening to the lyrical genius that Biggie was, the storytelling of Nas, and the poetry that 2Pac put to a beat. We both agreed to stick to the 90’s music and only listen to a few new artists. We laugh about how we used to go out when we were younger. But as she’s talking about her new job, I fade into a daydream where we’re together again, happy by each other’s company. She notices that I was ignoring her, “are you listening?” She asks with a beautiful smile. I laugh and answer “yes.” After continuing our amazing conversation over lunch for a couple of hours we say our goodbyes and exchange a long friendly hug. As we walk our seperate ways I fade back into the daydream where we’re together again. If only that daydream was reality I tell myself as I exit the mall. Maybe one day if the time is right, maybe one day I think to myself.

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