Race Soldier #PeterLiang Gets Probation & Community Service For Killing #AkaiGurley

Tuesday afternoon Peter Liang was given his sentence for murdering Akai Gurley in 2014. Liang was given by an Asian judge 5 years of probation and mandatory community service. 

Yes you read that right 5 years of probation and community service. Liang will serve no jail time. Liang was let off the hook for murdering someone. And once again another black person is killed by police and the murderer gets no jail time. 

Liang was told not to enter the building but he ignored those orders and entered the building anyway. Then Liang’s gun “accidently” went off and struck & killed Gurley. Liang then called his union supervisor instead of getting Gurley medical attention. 

With the so-called sentencing of Liang and the support of Liang from some in the Asian community black people need to boycott Asian businesses. Don’t buy from their nail shops and corner stores because they’ve showed they don’t care about us and want the privledge to kill us just like white race soldiers. Support black businesses because they will respect you when you hit them in the pockets. 

And finally this fucking coon District Attorney in Brooklyn, Ken Thompson needs to be voted the hell out of office. This coon suggested that Liang not serve any jail time and now look what happened. This coon ass District Attorney needs to be out of office. Fuck Ken Thompson!

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