Marvin Louis Guy & No Knock Raids

In May of 2014, Marvin Louis Guy’s home in Kileen, Texas was raided by police and detective Charles Dinwiddie was shot by Guy during the raid. The raid was a no knock raid meaning the police entered Guy’s home without warning through doors and windows. 

The police force was given false information about Guy having drugs inside od his home. When the police began to raid Guy’s home he believed that someone was breaking his home so he grabbed his weapon and shor at the intruders.

During the no knock raid four officers were shot by Guy including detective Charles Dinwiddie who died several days later from his injuries.

Guy was charged in 2015 with capital murder and prosecutors in the case are seeking the death penalty for Guy for the killing of Dinwiddie. 


Marvin Guy should not be in jail or  be given the death penalty. He was unaware of police performing a raid and was clearly only protecting his home. He was obviously unaware of the police raid. The action of anyone would be the same if they felt the need to protect their home and family. All Guy heard was someone breaking into his home and reacted accordingly. A life was lost and that’s a sad occurance but no knock raids should not exsist. This case should show the country that no knock raids are not safe for civilians or officers. Stop No knock Raids!!!

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