My Favorite Episodes Of “A Different World”

As you may know by now my favorite show is “A Different Show.” It was one of the few shows that showed black people being regular people and being successful. Here are a few of my favorite episodes of the show.

Season 2 Episode 20 : No Means No – Centered around sexual abuse and date rape and as with most of the show it was one of the first shows to focus on date rape. A very emotional episode but full great dialouge and lessons. 

 Season 3 Episode 5 : Forever Hold Your Peace – Although I knew Dwyane was not going to capture the heart of Denise this episode brought the show into a new and better stage. The story of Denise was finally addresed on the show and no longer ignored. Ultimately to a viewer this episode taught someone to move on from an actual or potential previous relationship. 

 Season 4 Episode 11 : War And Peace – An episode that tackled the scenario of black people joining the military. Dwyane’s old friend returns to Hillman to announce that he’s joing the army. Dwyane is opposed to friend’s decision and wants him to continue his education. My favorite episode of A Different World because of the issue, the writing of the episode. This episode symbolizes the greatness of the show. 

 Season 4 Episode 23 : If I Should Die Before I Wake – Centered around a Hillman having HIV and disproved many of the lies of HIV/AIDS at the same. One of the most educational episodes of the show’s history. 

 Season 6 Episodes 1/2 : Honeymoon In L.A. Part I & Part II – Focused on the L.A. Riots and the filming of this episode led to the falling out between NBC and the show. Although filming this episode basically got the show taken off the air the creators, directers. actors, and actresses wouldn’t compromise reality in order to make people feel comfortable. 


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