Villanova Fans Rioted After The Game & Here’s Why You Didn’t Hear About It

This past Monday night Villanova won the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champoinship in a thriller by defeating North Carolina with a buzzer beater. The crowd erupted and the social media went crazy, but what happened after Villanova’s victory is what everybody is not talking about. 



After Villanova’s victory many of their fans started a riot where there was a reported 6 arrests, 25 injuries, 5 people hospitalized, and a fire. 

Obama where are you to call them thugs? They crowded the streets, were loud, hurt people, and started a fire. Is that not a riot? Are these people thugs? Rioters? All this over a game that you won. WoW! Not even over a game that you lost. You won the game, what is the point of starting a damn riot? Also it was not an accident that the media did not talk about this story for days on end. 


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